For those who already supported my little android app –  Fake SMS & Call, I’d like to say thank you here and I hope you find it useful to you.

As some of you might have noticed, there is one function missing in my app, that there is no notification during SMS incoming also no fake call incoming screen like many other apps do. Since there are already tons of apps doing that, I think why not keep it simple and avoid being complex to general users, in the end,  it serves only two purposes, to create fake messages or call logs instantly, into your phone, no fancy.

Though I liked to keep it simple and strait, there is reason why I did not implement the notification function in the first place:

First, a lot of users use third party SMS / Call apps, which have different style of notifications (icon, sound, pop ups, etc) which you can not predict and implement it.

Second, the time when I created the app, I did add the notification function (with system default settings), but when I tried testing it, it did not always work, either notifications came later for several seconds or did not show at all, then I found it was due to android’s own instability on timer part, left me no other choice but to abandon it first.